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Square Magnets (3 sizes)
Printed with SPOKE Custom Products

These square magnets come in 3 different sizes, ready to stick to any metallic surface. Sport our unique designs on your fridge or any other metal surface for all your friends and family to admire.

.: For indoor use
.: Three sizes to choose from
.: Thin (0.03" (0.8 mm)) and lightweight
.: Black backing

Size (Inches):
3x3, 4x4, 6x6

Key Features:
* Long Lasting: Laminated surface with a black magnetic backing, perfect for any metal surface
* Matte Finish: Full color decoration on one side with a matte finish
Care instructions
Use a soft, clean and dry cloth to gently brush any dust or dirt off from the center of the magnet outwards.

Design Credit: [John Peterson collaboration with Robert Hyde / Hydesigns]

Q=ur nuts "The Theory of Relative Stupidity" (Red)

PriceFrom $9.99
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